~The power of Woman~

I love Sue Bryce. Because she shares all the secrets about photographing women beautifully. I love that she admits that she uses Photoshop her way (like me Lightroom !). That her spelling isn’t right sometimes.. (mine either :P) and she has an accent (as me….). I love her work and since I discovered HER,  I apply all her advice in my sessions, to make my clients look stunning! I think it works, because they love their portraits.
Here is one of the latest project this incredible talented Aussie. Please watch…

“How meeting Jill changed my world. This is not a story about cancer. This is a story about love, and it’s a story for all. PLEASE SHARE THIS LINK so Jill’s story can be told to the world” – more Sue is here.

Please watch this video, thanks.

Sue inspired…


Sue inspired…
Sue inspired…

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