Do you want your sexy back?

 Valentine’s Day is next month and I would like to celebrate it with all beautiful women.
I want to let you know about my Glamour Sessions, sessions created just for you to show you and the world how beautiful you really are! It is a private shoot complete with professional make up and hair stylist, skillfull art direction, laughter, music and champagne! My clients are not models! They’re soccer moms, professionals, entrepreneurs, curvy gals, women who think ” I am not photogenic”, women who always “wanted to”.. but thought they “never could”. I want to  create  absolutely lovely photographs of you!
Do you want a beautiful black and white fine art piece, custom made a photo album – Done. Do you want gorgeous images of you confident and powerful that blow your hubby away and make you ex droll? – Done. Do you want one of these days sit with your granddaughter to look at photos and show her what a foxy lady you were back in the day? If you always wanted to try this. You should. It is a life times experience and these photographs will last even longer.Contact me to choose an ideal time and let’s create dream shoot details!


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